Estonia began its participation in the Global Coalition against Daesh in 2016. Currently Estonia contributes to the Global Coalition in the US-led Operation Inherent Resolve. Since 2023, Estonia’s military contingent is comprised of around 100 military personnel. Estonia’s goal is to support Allies in the fight against Daesh and to facilitate the Global Coalition’s efforts to enhance the ability of Iraqi security forces in their fight against Daesh. Contributing to international military operations in solidarity with closest Allies and partners demonstrates Estonia’s commitment to tackle instability beyond the Euro-Atlantic area in support of the Global Coalition’s core goals.

“The state of Iraq wishes for the continued contribution of Allies to both fight international terrorism as well as support the security of the entire region. It is most certainly in the interest of Estonia to contribute to the security of Iraq and the region, because terrorism does not recognise state borders.”

Mr Hanno Pevkur, Minister of Defence

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