Denmark was among the founding members of the Global Coalition against Daesh in 2014 and participates in all its working/focus groups and PMC meetings.

Denmark remains committed to bearing its share of the burden to ensure the enduring defeat of Daesh and has contributed substantially to the Coalition’s efforts over the years, including through military contingents and capacity building.

Denmark’s current military contribution to the Coalition consists of staff officers deployed to the CJTF–OIR Headquarters. In addition, Denmark also has a national support element deployed to Kuwait. Previous contributions include:

  • Deployment of special operations forces and other capacity building contributions focusing on building Iraqi security forces’ capability to defeat Daesh.
  • Deployment of F-16 fighters and C-130J (Hercules) tactical transport airplanes.
  • Deployment of a radar contribution with personnel.
  • Deployment of an emergency medical team.

Furthermore, Denmark supports and contributes to the NATO Mission Iraq (NMI), which Denmark assumed command of for the period of November 2020 to May 2022.

In addition to military engagements, Denmark has supported peace and stabilisation efforts in Syria and Iraq with more than USD 156 million (DKK 1.1 billion) since 2016.

Denmark’s current Peace and Stabilisation Programme for Syria and Iraq (2022-2025) complements and builds upon Danish on-going diplomatic, military, stabilisation, and humanitarian support to the region. It aims to contribute to achieving inclusive peace and stability and the reduction of violent extremism and protracted displacement.

The programme is in its third phase (first phase: 2016-2018, second phase: 2019-2021), and it showcases Denmark’s long-term commitment to countering the threat from Daesh and promoting stability and human rights in the Middle East through a total programme envelope of approx. USD 85 million (DKK 592.5 million).

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