Denmark was among the founding members of the Global Coalition against Daesh in July 2014. They are a member of all four civilian working groups, as well as PMC and small group.
Denmark remains one of the largest per capita troop contributors with approx. 300 soldiers deployed to the Global Coalition.

Denmark’s contribution towards the Global Coalition against Daesh

Key stabilisation activities in Iraq and Syria:

  • Danish troops have trained approx. 16.000 Iraqis at the Al Asad-Airbase in Iraq.
  • Denmark’s current Syria – Iraq Regional Stabilisation Programme (2016-2018) complements and builds upon Danish on-going diplomatic, military, stabilisation and humanitarian support to the region, and showcases Denmark’s long-term commitment to countering the threat from Daesh and promoting stability and human rights in the Middle East.
  • Iraq: approx. 51 mil. USD
  • Syria: approx. 31 mil. USD
  • Denmark is planning a new three-year stabilisation programme for Iraq and Syria with an expected budget of around 60 mil. USD for the period 2019 to 2021. Almost half of this is expected to be directed towards stabilisation in Syria. Denmark remains committed to bearing their share of the burden to ensure the enduring defeat of Da’esh.
  •  Denmark has implemented a Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) programme which is linked to three of the four civilian working groups: Counter Finance, Communications and Foreign Terrorist Fighter. The CVE programme in Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq is of approx. 10 mil. USD from 2016-2018.

Previous military contributions:

  • An F-16 fighter contribution consisting of four F-16 fighter jets (plus 3 in logistical reserve) and up to approx. 110 people in 2016 and up to approx. 140 people in 2014-2015. The contribution was deployed two times; October 2014 to October 2015 and June to December 2016 for a total of 18 months. During the latest deployment, the mandate included Syria.
  • A C-130J (Hercules) tactical transport airplane and up to approx. 55 personnel from August 2014 until the end of 2014/15 in support of the British training forces in northern Iraq.
  • A C-130J tactical transport airplane and up to approx. 60 personnel from June to December 2016 with a mandate to operate in Syria as well as Iraq.
  • Up to 60 special operations forces deployed to Iraq from August 2016 to October 2018, mandated to conduct advice, assist and accompany in both Iraq and the Syrian-Iraqi borderlands.


Additional information on contributions to the Coalition:

Denmark’s current military contribution to the Coalition’s fight against Da’esh consists of a capacity building contribution of approx. 180 soldiers, which also includes an emergency medical team of approx. 12 people for six months from October 2018. Furthermore, Denmark deployed a C-130J tactical transport aircraft of approx. 60 soldiers from October 2018 for six months. Finally, the Danish military contribution consists of a radar contribution with approx. 30 soldiers and up to approx. 20 staff officers to the Coalition’s headquarters.

Media highlights:

Social media handles:

  • Danish MFA website:
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  • Danish MFA on Twitter: @DanishMFA
  •  Danish MOD on Twitter: @Forsvarsmin
  • Danish Defence on Twitter: @ForsvaretDK


”Thanks to the incredible effort of the Global Coalition and its partners, not least the Iraqi security forces, millions of people have been liberated from Daesh. But the fight is not over yet. Denmark remains a committed Coalition partner contributing to both military and civilian efforts in order to secure the enduring defeat of Daesh and the recovery of conflict-affected areas.”

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Anders Samuelsen

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