Czechia has actively supported the Global Coalition against Daesh in Iraq since the inception of the Global Coalition in 2014. After initial emergency deliveries of military equipment and material to the Iraqi Armed Forces, the Czech Army and Police have deployed several advisory and assistance teams in the Coalition framework, including a contribution to the Italian-led police training mission (2017-2020), an air force advisory team (2016-2019), a chemical protection training team (2019-2020) and a field surgical team (2016-2017). As of October 2023, 11 Czech personnel are deployed on the ground in the structures of the Operation Inherent Resolve and NATO Mission Iraq.

Our total civilian material aid to Iraq between 2012 and 2022 exceeds 15 mil. USD. This includes direct humanitarian aid and resiliency support, medical care, civilian training projects, as well as contributions to international aid agencies active in Iraq.

Czechia is similarly engaged in humanitarian aid to the population in Syria and neighbouring countries hosting large Syrian refugee populations (Lebanon, Jordan). Our total aid to these three countries in 2023 is projected to reach 5.5 mil. USD, with a primary emphasis on refugees, IDPs and support to medical, sanitation and school capacities.

Czechia as a member of the Small Group of the Global Coalition against Daesh, is committed to continuing its substantial contributions to the fight against Daesh both in the Middle East and in the Sahel region. We have been increasingly engaged in the Sahel region, in training activities, as well as humanitarian and stabilisation projects.

Training Iraqi Police

Czech police officers stationed at Camp Dublin in Baghdad assist in training Iraqi officers


of projected assistance to the people of Syria, Iraq and neighbouring countries in 2017


in assistance to the people of Syria, Iraq and neighbouring countries between 2012-2016

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