Date Entered Coalition: September 2014
Working Group Membership: Operational Collaborative Planning Group

Top Contributions to the Coalition:

Explosive threat training

About 20 CAF engineers are delivering explosive threat training to the Iraqi security forces in Besmaya, Iraq. This training aims for the Iraqi security forces to be self-sufficient in the long term.

Medical assistance

The CAF commands a Role 2 medical facility in northern Iraq. It has a mandate to provide lifesaving medical and surgical care to Coalition forces. Approximately 35 CAF members serve at this facility in roles that include:

  • Senior leadership
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Medical technicians
  • Laboratory and diagnostic imaging technicians
  • A dental team
  • Support staff

Medical facility capabilities include:

  • Resuscitation
  • Damage control surgery
  • Intensive care support
  • Dental care
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • A medical lab

The CAF also provides medical equipment and supplies for the facility.

Train, advise, and assist

Operation IMPACT includes highly specialized CAF members from the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command. They train, advise and assist the Iraqi security forces in developing their military skills. This support enables the Iraqi security forces to take the fight to Daesh. As a result, they can work to remove the threat posed by Daesh in Iraq and the region and contribute to a more secure environment.

Building partner capacity

The CAF works with regional partners to help make the region more stable and secure. Military cooperation helps prevent the spread of violent extremism. To that end, the CAF has sent two training assistance teams, one to Jordan and one to Lebanon. They work closely with Canada’s Jordanian and Lebanese partners. The teams aim to:

  • help the Jordanian Armed Forces build their capacity
  • create a new program for the Lebanese Armed Forces to build their capacity

These capacity building programs may focus on:

  • individual soldier skills
  • infrastructure
  • individual soldier equipment

A Canadian brigadier-general leads the Global Coalition’s Ministerial Liaison Team. The team is supported by staff from eight countries, including Canada. It engages with the Iraqi Prime Minister’s staff. It also liaises with the Iraqi ministries of Defence and Interior. This liaison helps develop key military leaders and helps build institutional capacity. It ensures that current and future Coalition operations are in line with those of the government of Iraq.

Air Operations

Joint Task Force-Iraq includes a CAF air component.  Air Task Force-Iraq supports Coalition air operations with air assets and crews. This includes:

  • One CC-150 Polaris aerial refueller.
  • Two CC-130J Hercules tactical airlift aircraft. They support the movement of Coalition personnel and cargo in the Region.
  • A tactical aviation detachment. It includes up to four CH-146 Griffon helicopters. They carry Canadian troops, equipment, and supplies in theatre near Baghdad. The Griffons can do casualty evacuations if required. A variety of self-defence weapons are fitted to the aircraft.
  • Associated aircrew and support crews.

These aircraft are an important part of Canada’s contribution to the Global Coalition.

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Additional Information

Operation IMPACT began as the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) support to the Global Coalition to degrade and ultimately defeat Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

The CAF is continuing to work with partners in the region to set the conditions for stability and security.

Canada plays an important role in Iraq alongside its partners. The CAF efforts in support of the Global Coalition improve Iraqi security forces capabilities. These efforts help Iraq to achieve long-term success in keeping its territory and people secure.

The CAF has deployed an Explosive Threat Training Team (ETTT) as an additional contribution to Op IMPACT. This contribution will help enhance the capacity of ISF as we work towards defeating Daesh. We are proud to support our coalition partners and NATO in the fight against terrorism, which includes this valuable training in Iraq. This training is important to enhance the capabilities of the ISF. A more effective ISF will lead to a safer Iraq and a more stable Middle East.

Canada’s lead role in NATO Mission Iraq (NMI) was announced at the Brussels Summit in July 2018. The mission is being established in response to a request from the Government of Iraq, which faces significant challenges in rebuilding the capacity of its security forces. Canada’s leadership of this new NATO training mission will complement and not replace, our existing efforts in the Global Coalition Against Daesh, transitioning our support for Iraq to meet present needs and solidify gains. The mission will consist of approximately 620 NATO personnel. Up to 250 CAF members will join partner countries in helping Iraq build a more effective national security structure and improve training for Iraqi security forces.

We will help address the needs of millions of vulnerable people while helping lay the foundations for improved governance, economic growth and longer-term stability.

The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada 


towards security, stabilisation, humanitarian and development assistance.

A maximum of about 850

CAF members are approved to serve on Operation IMPACT until the end of March 31 2019.


in funding over three years in support of humanitarian assistance.


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