Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) joined the Global Coalition to counter Daesh in November 2014. In addition to its political and diplomatic support to the Global Coalition, BiH has donated ammunition to the Iraqi government to assist in its counter Daesh efforts.

Terrorism and violent extremism represent the most serious challenges of today. The ideology characterized by absolute disrespect of life is seriously undermining the fundamental values of the civilisation and its achievements. That why Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member of the Global Coalition to Counter Daesh.

Mr. Dragan Čovic, Chairman of the BiH Presidency

572 tons of ammunition

donated to the Iraqi Security Forces

30 people arrested

by Bosnia and Herzegovina law enforcement agencies for fighting as members of Daesh in Syria and Iraq

350,000 pieces of unexploded

ordnances destroyed by the joint US-BiH Bomb Disposal Unit deployed to Iraq

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