One Mission Many Nations

Senior national representatives from across the globe today united to set out how the Global Coalition against Daesh must consolidate its hard-earned gains in Iraq and Syria, whilst remaining alert to new threats. In a meeting in Brussels, Political Directors came together to reaffirm their commitment to ensuring the enduring defeat of Daesh.

As the threat posed by Daesh evolves, so does the Global Coalition’s strategy. The Political Directors meeting saw the inauguration of the Africa Focus Group, attended by representatives from across the continent. Daesh’s activity in Africa is an important source of propaganda and momentum for the group, bolstering its otherwise flailing brand following its territorial defeat in Iraq and Syria. Global Coalition partners are today engaging in a broad range of activities to counter the threat posed by Daesh branches, from cooperation to counter Daesh’s access to finance, to initiatives preventing Daesh exploiting online spaces to spread its propaganda.

Meanwhile, the role of the Coalition military mission in Iraq (Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve) is transitioning, with the drawdown of all combat troops by 31 December 2021. Marking this moment of change, Political Directors outlined how the Coalition will consolidate its extraordinary achievements in Iraq and Syria as the mission enters evolves into an ‘advise, assist, and enable’ role.

Following today’s meeting, the Coalition will continue to deepen its collaboration until it achieves its singular goal – achieving the enduring defeat of Daesh.

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