News roundup: ISIS leader Al-Mawla betrays fellow jihadists

“Al Mawla was a rat who gave up a lot of information on others in IS. What does that tell you about him?”
-Daniel Milton, Combating Terrorism Centre

Declassified documents released by the Combating Terrorism Centre (CTC) suggest while in custody in 2008, the current leader of Daesh, Mohammed Said Abd Al Rahman Al-Mawla, provided US forces with information on dozens of Al-Qa’ida fighters, leading to death and division among his fellow jihadists.

The question follows – is Al-Mawla alone in betraying his comrades? Or is he “entirely characteristic of a movement in which superficial shows of brotherhood are increasingly failing to mask deep wells of distrust?” 

Read CTC’s analysis of the documents here:

The story was broken by Jenan Moussa for Al-Aan TV, who released three reports:



-The Emirati National broke the news in the UAE – ‘ISIS leader Al Mawla’s treachery led to death of his comrade in US air strikes’

-The Telegraph lead in the UK – ‘Islamic State leader collaborated with America while in prison in 2008, documents show’

-Akhbar al-Aan has the story in Arabic.

-The Daily Mail – ‘ISIS leader was US intelligence supergrass who ratted out 88 fellow jihadists when he was arrested in 2008, declassified files reveal’

-Al-Khaleej Today – ‘Treachery of ISIS leader Al Mawla saw comrades killed in American air strikes’

-Independent  – “Isis leader conspired with US to betray fellow jihadists

-The Times – “Isis leader ‘ratted’ on fellow jihadists to American spies

-Shafaaq – “ISIS leader provides information about dozens of his comrades to the US

-Middle East Monitor – “Daesh leader revealed fellow jihadists’ identities to US

-National Post – “New ISIL leader al-Mawla is in fact U.S. informant who gave up secrets on 88 jihadists

-Sawt Beirut International“American documents scandalize leader of Daesh…he cooperated with Washington by providing information”

Toronto Sun – “ISIS chieftain turned terror tattle-tale by ratting out 88 jihadis

STEP News – “American documents reveal the cooperation of the new “ISIS” leader with Washington against this party … and the information he leaked

NEWSMAX – “ISIS Leader Provided Intel to US Forces Striking al-Qaida

The State – “ÍSIS leader ratted out 88 fellow jihadists when captured

AAj Ki Taza Khabar – “ÍSIS leader ratted out 88 fellow jihadists when captured

News Raiser – “New ISIL chief al-Mawla is in actual fact U.S. informant who gave up secrets and techniques on 88 jihadists

Medcom – “ISIS leader shares a lot of information with US intelligence

The Street Journal (Nigeria) – “ISIS leader ratted out 88 fellow jihadists when captured

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Edmund Fitton-Brown, former Ambassador to Yemen

Abdullah Khaled, Assistant Professor at Naif Arab University for Security Sciences

Austin C Doctor, Professor at East Kentucky University

Zubeida Malik, freelance journalist, formerly BBC

Daniel Milton, CTC

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