NATO’s contribution towards the Global Coalition against Daesh

NATO entered the Coalition in 2017 and are part of the stabilisation, foreign fighters and communications working groups.

Key projects in Iraq and Syria:

  • NATO is a proud member of the Global Coalition, contributing with both NATO AWACS surveillance flights, and with a new training and capacity building mission in Iraq.
  • NATO participates in and regularly hosts Global Coalition meetings, most recently following the 2018 NATO Brussels Summit.

NATO’s Contribution to the Coalition:

  • NATO has played a key role in the fight against international terrorism for many years, including through its presence in Afghanistan, intelligence-sharing, and work to strengthen partners around the world.
  • At the Warsaw Summit in July 2016, Allied leaders decided to provide direct support to the Global Coalition with NATO AWACS surveillance aircraft.
  • At the NATO Summit in July 2018, Allied Heads of State and Government agreed to step up their commitment to Iraq by launching a new non-combat training mission there, upon the request of the Iraqi Government and in coordination with the Global Coalition.
  • NATO Mission Iraq (NMI) builds on NATO’s efforts to train Iraqi instructors in areas such as countering improvised explosive devices, civil-military planning, armoured vehicle maintenance, and military medicine.
  • The NATO mission is designed to strengthen Iraqi security forces by providing technical advice to the Ministry of Defence and the Office of the National Security Advisor, and by training and advising instructors at professional military schools and institutions.

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