Murmushi People’s Development Foundation create Community Peace and Safety Partnerships to improve security in Nigeria’s Adamawa State.

In Adamawa State, Nigeria, the Murmushi People’s Development Foundation (MPDF) is making a difference to the lives of people affected by violent extremist organisations. MPDF is focused on promoting stabilisation by improving access to education, empowering small business through microfinancing, and promoting community peace and safety partnerships.

Children impacted by activities of violent extremist organisations look on in front of their temporary accommodation.


When a village is affected  by conflict, MPDF will reach out to residents to hear their stories and concerns, and to identify how MPDF can help address the challenges that they face. Through Community Peace and Safety Partnerships, local leaders and community members are encouraged to discuss strategies for promoting peace and security in their area, and to promote inclusiveness.


Community Peace and Safety Partnership Meeting in Mubi South LGA, 2022. Photo credit: Murmushi People’s Development Foundation


Under the Community Peace and Safety Partnership initiative, community-based peace committees have been created to help address conflicts and promote peaceful coexistence in various areas across Adamawa State. This has included working with government stakeholders such as the National Orientation Agency (NOA) to strengthen the community’s understanding of how to manage security challenges. 


A school destroyed by violent extremists


As a result of the destructive actions of terrorist groups, some schools have had to close in northern Nigeria. While some are now reopening, many are struggling due to lack of funds and basic facilities like textbooks and desks, with many children dropping out due to financial constraints. MPDF is working hard to provide financial support to schools, to ensure that children have access to education. Through the Community Peace and Safety Partnership, committee members have also engaged with security stakeholders in some communities in Mubi North to foster the safety of children who walk to school.


Children waiting to enter class at a school rehabilitated by the MPDF.


MPDF has also listened to small business owners in local markets about the challenges that they have faced in accessing loans to grow their businesses. MPDF began facilitating access to microfinancing for small business owners to ensure that they had access to the resources that they needed to succeed, helping improve the lives of their families and their communities. 

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