Counter Daesh Insight Bulletin 20-29 August 2018


Between 20 and 26 August, Daesh claimed attacks in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Egypt’s Sinai Province, France, Iraq, Libya, Philippines and Syria. 

The weekly Daesh newsletter Al-Naba was not released – which is common during the Eid Holidays.

On 22 August Daesh’s central media arm, the al-Furqan Foundation, released an audio recording of the Daesh leader’s first speech since September 2017.

Daesh also released a short video in a series providing statistical evidence of Daesh operations.

The terrorists’ propaganda outlet Amaq reported on a mortar strike on the presidential palace in Kabul; and released a video showing the involvement of children in the coordinated attack in Chechnya.

Groups linked to Daesh called for attacks by using a poster depicting a ruined city on fire; also showing US president Donald Trump beheaded – and stressing the importance of the financial Jihad.  

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s speech

On 22 August, the al-Furqan Foundation released a 54 minute, 39 second audio recording of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Daesh’s leader. It is his first known public speech since September 2017.

In the speech entitled ‘Give Glad tidings to the patient’ al-Baghdadi quoted several verses of the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad which describe the importance of jihad and the patience needed to achieve final victory. He downplayed the recent setbacks Daesh suffered.

During his speech, he mentioned the opposition factions joining the Syrian military to clear the Suwayada desert – and the Yarmouk Basin – from Daesh fighters. He warned against joining rival Sunni factions, and called instead to join Daesh.

He mentioned the tension between US and Turkey, after Turkey refused to release the American prisoner Andrew Brunson. Al-Baghdadi argued this was a consequence of American influence decreasing globally, along with the Iran and Russia rejecting the sanctions US imposes.

Al-Baghdadi urged Daesh supporters in the West to emulate those who have carried out attacks. He also called for attacks in Muslim countries,  targeting “every secular person, apostate and atheist who fights God and His Prophet”. He suggested bombings, shooting and vehicular strikes as means to attack. Daesh’s leader stressed the importance of propaganda by praising the media workers and their persistence online. 

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