Coalition Procures Critical PPE for Partners in Northeast Syria

In response to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in northeast Syria, the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh distributed personal protective equipment (PPE) to 26,500 officers within the Internal Security Forces (ISF) to prevent further spread of the virus among vulnerable populations.

A member of the Internal Security Forces distributes PPE to officers at a checkpoint

The equipment – which included medical masks, latex gloves, hand sanitizers, and liquid disinfectants – was delivered to ISF officers in the Raqqa, Deir ez Zour, and Hasakeh regions as part of a larger cooperative effort between the United States and Germany known as the Al-Rashad+ project.

The delivery of personal protective equipment included:

  • 375,000 pairs of gloves,
  • 375,000 masks,
  • 68,640 bottles of hand sanitizer, and
  • 68,640 bottles of liquid disinfectant


A member of the Deir ez Zour Internal Security Forces distributes PPE

The divestment aims to help mitigate the risks that ISFs face while implementing public health measures put in place by local authorities and further protect guards against exposure to and infection with COVID-19.

In addition to the procurement and distribution of PPE, training workshops were also provided to discuss preventative best practices and enhance the ISF’s ability to police the pandemic response.

A member of the ISF distributes PPE to officers at a checkpoint in Deir ez Zour


Members of the ISF across Raqqa, Deir ez Zour, and Hasakeh noted that the PPE increased officers’ confidence in and ability to safely perform security responsibilities during the pandemic, including manning checkpoints and performing security checks. The PPE also allowed ISF officers to set an example for the community regarding COVID-19 prevention measures. An officer at a checkpoint in Raqqa noted that the ISF has sent a “message to the people about the seriousness of the virus and the need to take necessary prevention measures”.


About Al Rashad+

Al Rashad+’s objective is to build the capacity of Internal Security Forces and the local authorities that oversee them to deliver community policing services in a manner that serves, and is supported by, the civilian population. Al Rashad+ takes a holistic approach to community security, supporting officer trainings, capacity building for civilian authorities, community engagement, and public safety initiatives. The program is a cooperative effort between the United States and Germany.

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