Coalition Accelerates Support to the Government of Iraq

Britain will increase the already significant training support it provides to Iraqi forces taking the fight to Daesh by deploying around 50 additional trainers to the Al Asad Airbase in Western Iraq to provide instruction on countering improvised explosive devices (c-IED), infantry skills and combat first aid. The extra trainers will be working closely with US and Danish forces, providing training to the Iraqi Army 7th Division, Border Guards and Federal Police from behind the wire.

As well as the extra training personnel, the UK will also provide an engineering squadron of around 80 personnel for around six months to build necessary infrastructure to support this deployment, an infantry company to assist with guarding the airbase, and Head Quarter staff to help control the mission.

Finally the UK has also confirmed it will provide Kurdish Peshmerga fighters with a further £1 million worth of ammunition for the battle against Daesh.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has announced that Germany will provide 5 million euros in emergency and immediate aid for internally displaced persons in the area around the city of Fallujah to the UN High Commission for Refugees. Additionally the Federal Foreign Office is providing up to 25 million euros for measures to stabilise areas liberated from Daesh, and in particular to assist in mine clearance, so that displaced populations can return home as soon as possible.

Operation Inherent Resolve Spokesperson Colonel Chris Garver said:

“As Iraqi Security Forces including the Kurdish Peshmerga, continue to liberate areas from Daesh control, Coalition members are providing additional contributions to help accelerate the campaign to defeat Daesh in Iraq.  The Iraqi Security Forces have defeated Daesh in every major battle in the last year, most recently in Fallujah, and these additional Coalition commitments will enable Iraqi forces to continue to take the fight to Daesh until they are defeated.”

German Foreign Minister Steinmeier said:

“In liberating Fallujah, the Iraqi Government has regained control of the last large city in the Euphrates valley. From week to week, the terrorist gangs of IS are being pushed further and further back. The international community’s joint approach to fighting IS is working. With the support of the international community, Iraq has liberated large swathes of its territory from IS.

“Military success will only be lasting, however, if the Iraqi state gains the trust of the people who live in the liberated areas. The priority now is therefore to look after the internally displaced and ensure they can return home as soon as possible. Germany is providing more aid in that endeavour than any other country. Public order and essential supply flows must be reestablished in the city as soon as the security situation allows, so that people can return to their homes. Germany will do all it can to help make Fallujah habitable again as quickly as possible.

“There is another crucial factor, namely that the state authorities and security forces must uphold the principle of fairness and the rule of law in the liberated areas and fresh sectarian conflict must be avoided. IS can only be defeated if the various population groups resist any attempt to turn them against one another.”

UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

“Iraqi forces have Daesh on the back foot and are retaking territory, hitting its finances and striking its leadership. This deployment will help the Iraqi forces to build on this success and push them back further.”

The Global Coalition continues to provide support through targeted air strikes, intelligence and assistance to Iraqi Security Forces. We will continue to do so as they liberate more and more territory from Daesh occupation.

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