Al-Amal Association in Kirkuk

The Al-Amal Association in Kirkuk is dedicated to aiding women and children impacted by domestic violence and social difficulties. Focused on vulnerable groups like women, children, individuals with disabilities, and the elderly, the association collaborates with security and family counselling centres in Kirkuk. Their efforts encompass legal aid, vocational courses, and psychosocial support.

Read on to find out more about the organisation and the stories of women who have benefited from their assistance.

Nawfal Um Mohammad, forced to flee her village due to a Daesh attack, found support in Kirkuk through the Al-Amal Association. They provided her with a skilled solicitor to facilitate her move. Nawfal then began pursuing courses in various fields, participating in psychological support courses that boosted her self-confidence and made her an influential force in her community. Today, she has transformed her home into a place where community members, both men and women, seek advice and guidance.

Um Ahmad

Um Ahmad, having faced domestic violence in Beiji, sought a fresh start in Kirkuk. The Al-Amal Association provided invaluable support, offering several vocational courses and mental health counselling. Um Ahmad successfully transitioned to a career as a hairdresser, securing her financial independence.
Um Mohammad

Another survivor of domestic abuse, Um Mohammad, was assigned as social worker and solicitor by the Al-Amal Association. Through their support, Um Mohammad reclaimed the legal documents which had been stolen by her husband, overcame her challenges, and pursued courses in sewing and cosmetics, moving towards economic independence as a hairdresser.

Zahra, a refugee and wife of a kidnapped Iraqi army officer during Daesh’s onslaught, found solace in Kirkuk with the Al-Amal Association. The association not only supported her family but also helped her establish a cosmetics shop, enabling her to provide for her children and rebuild her life.

Saroud Muhammad Falih – Director of the Al-Amal Assocation

Saroud Muhammad Falih is the Director of the Al-Amal Assocation, having worked for them since 2005. She underscores their primary mission of advocating for human rights, particularly for vulnerable groups in Kirkuk province. In response to the escalating violence against women, she emphasised their collaboration with security centres and family counselling services as well as their efforts to establish safe spaces for women. Their initiatives include economic empowerment through income-generating projects, offering workshops in sewing, handicrafts, and literacy to benefit marginalised communities. Collaborating with security and family counselling centres in Dibis, Hawija, and Daquq, the association conducts recreational courses for children. ‘Despite funding challenges, Al Amal remains dedicated to ongoing awareness campaigns, daily door-to-door activities, and impactful policy research,’ said Saroud. ‘Al Amal’s ultimate goal is to be a supportive force for the government, addressing prevailing challenges in each region,’ she said.

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