Countering Daesh’s Propaganda

Tackling Daesh’s propaganda, and its destructive and hateful messages, is critically important to the success of the Global Coalition’s efforts. Daesh’s use of social media tied to acts of terror is well-documented. In response, the Coalition is committed to exposing the falsehoods that lie at the heart of Daesh’s ideology, and to present a positive, alternative future for the region.

Coalition partners are committed to an effective and unified Coalition messaging and counter-messaging effort to oppose Daesh’s narrative and to undermine the appeal of its ideology; to assisting and amplifying credible and authentic voices from the region and beyond; and to supporting the aspirations of people across the region who seek a moderate and modern future of stability, dignity and opportunity.

The Coalition’s Counter-Messaging Working Group, co-led by the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and United States, is spearheading Coalition activities in this area. Its work is supported by the Coalition Communications Cell. It draws on the expertise of the Coalition members, the US State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC), and the UAE-based Sawab Center. This joint effort brings together the Coalition’s work to undermine Daesh’s claims to statehood, military success and the group’s false religious narrative.

Working in partnership, the Coalition aims to co-ordinate its communications planning, campaign and content development, support civil society and third party messengers, and provide timely dissemination of information to the Coalition’s members and the public. The Coalition is committed to working with all parts of society – civil society, religious communities and their leaders, as well as commercial partners – to build resilient communities able to respond to the challenge of extremism.

The Sawab Center

The United Arab Emirates and the United States launched the Sawab Center, a UAE-based joint operations center for online engagement in July 2015. The Sawab Center’s goal is to quickly and effectively counter Daesh communications and recruitment by increasing the volume and intensity of online debate representing moderate, tolerant, and positive approaches in the region. The Sawab Center is expanding to link up with the Coalition and others in the region to launch coordinated outreach campaigns that undermine Daesh’s claim to legitimate leadership and successes and highlight its governance failures and military defeats. In addition, the Center is also engaging and expanding the network of independent influencers and voices in the region able to compete effectively with Daesh’s online supporters.