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“France and Germany are pushing for limits on encryption apps to fight ISIS”

"France and Germany pushed Tuesday for Europe-wide rules requiring the makers of encrypted… more

“Libyan forces say they capture mosque, prison from Islamic State in Sirte”

"Libyan forces renewed their push to oust Islamic State from its former North African stronghold of… more


Military Progress

The Global Coalition’s joint military efforts have led to significant progress in the campaign to degrade and destroy Daesh. Explore this section for mission details.

Military Progress Update


Humanitarian Support

Fighting Daesh requires more than military means. Humanitarian efforts to help those in need in Iraq, Syria, and the affected region, are one of the Global Coalition’s priorities.

Statement by Foreign and Defense Ministers of the Expanded Small Group of the Global Coalition


Stabilising Liberated Areas

To provide governance, security, and essential services to people in need is critical. Learn how the Global Coalition is supporting the Iraqi government to stabilise liberated areas.

Promoting Stabilisation – Progress Update


Countering Daesh Messaging

Tackling Daesh’s propaganda, online and offline, is crucially important to the success of the Global Coalition’s efforts. Explore the partners’ campaigns to counter Daesh’s messaging.

Opinion: Le Monde’s Leadership Against Daesh Propaganda of the Deed


Stop Foreign Terrorist Fighters

The Global Coalition is committed to tackling the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters travelling to the region to join Daesh.

Countering Foreign Terrorist Fighters – Progress Update


End Daesh Financing

The Global Coalition is engaged in a comprehensive campaign to disrupt Daesh from raising, moving and using funds, to reduce their capabilities and resources.

Countering Daesh Financing and Economic Resources – Progress Update