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Iraqi Policeman

Fouad Hassan Shihan is one example of a brave Iraqi soldier who fought against Daesh bravely and endangered his…

Yousif Al-Ali

Children were victims for Daesh terrorism. The child Yousif Al-Ali is only an example.

Vegetable Market in Raqqa

Vegetable markets are open again in Raqqa so that shops owners will be able to compensate what they lost because of…

Sewage System in Al-Anbar

Rehabilitating the sewage systems and infrastructure in Anbar is a key factor of stabilisation in the province.

Rita’s Story

Rita is one example of many women who suffered all forms of violations by Daesh terrorism. Rita is now stronger…

Recently liberated areas

People in Al-Qaim and other cities which were recently liberated from Daesh are suffering the harsh memories they…

Power Rehabilitation Ramadi

Power supply is now back to Ramadi areas which will give a strong push towards stabilisation for a city which…

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