Saudi Arabia’s contribution towards the Global Coalition against Daesh

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a key partner of the Coalition in the fight against Daesh



The Kingdom ranked second after the United States of America in the number of air strikes carried out within the Global Coalition in (Syria).

(Air Force & Liaison officers)

  1. Incirlik Air Base
  2. Al Udeid Air Base
  3. Arifjan Army Base
  4. participate in the joint military team


Communication and Soft Power

Global Centre for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal)

Etidal mission: To actively and pro-actively combat, expose, and refute extremist ideology, in cooperation with governments and organisations concerned

Etidal Vision and Goal: strengthen the confidence of the people and governments in confronting the enemies of humanity, in fighting extremist ideology, spreading the principles of tolerance & moderation, and promoting opportunities for world peace, moderation and tolerance

Twitter: @etidalorg   Webpage: https://etidal.org/en/home


The Ideological Warfare Centre:

About the centre: Affiliated with the Saudi Ministry of Defense. It confronts the roots of extremism and promotes the true understanding of Islam

Twitter: @fekerksa_en    Webpage: https://www.mod.gov.sa/Pages/default.aspx