Over the past year Denmark has played a major role in the Coalition – as a participant in airstrikes in Iraq, a provider of airspace surveillance over parts of Iraq and Syria, a contributor of troops training Iraqi forces and as a contributor to stabilisation activities in Syria and Iraq.

Denmark is active along multiple lines of effort in order to counter Daesh. We contribute significantly to the stabilisation efforts in Iraq and Syria, and we support the UN’s efforts in advancing a political solution to the conflict in Syria. Daesh cannot be defeated with military means alone. Denmark is among the countries that contribute the most per capita to the fight against Daesh both in military and civilian terms.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Kristian Jensen, MP


Danish soldiers deployed as part of the Coalition’s efforts.
Danish troops training more than 4,300 Iraqi soldiers at Al Asad Airbase in Iraq’s Anbar province.
7 F-16s
deployed to locality from June 2016 to strike Daesh in Iraq and Syria.