Maps & Stats

The latest statistics, maps and figures on the fight against Daesh from the Coalition and its partners.

Most recent

3,419 people have returned


2 million people liberated


65,000 Iraqi Security Forces trained

Daesh is losing territory fast

The Coalition is working to make it harder for Foreign Fighters to cross borders

Daesh is now locked out of the international banking system

Daesh’s oil output is plummeting

trained over 32,000 Iraqi Security Forces


The people of Mosul are returning home


5000 Iraqi Security Forces


16000 children back to School

equipment with a total value of 90 million euros


70,000 return to Fallujah

Daesh’s military capability is waning

Humanitarian Aid from the UK

Humanitarian Aid from South Korea

Humanitarian Aid from the UAE

Humanitarian Aid from the US

Shirqat liberated