France’s contribution towards the Global Coalition against Daesh

France is an active member of the Coalition against Daesh and has contributed towards stabilisation projects in Iraq and Syria.


Key stabilisation activities in Iraq and Syria:

Iraq :

  • €60 million given to support stabilisation and humanitarian actions since 2017
  • €20 million specifically earmarked for the city of Mosul following its liberation.
  • 10,000 Iraqi soldiers and officers trained by France
  • Rehabilitation of the University of Nineveh College of Medicine in partnership with UNDP

Syria :

  • €100 million on the Syrian crisis as a whole in 2018
  • €45 million in North-Eastern Syria since 2017 on humanitarian and stabilisation projects:
  • €15 million in 2017
  • €30 million in 2018 (60% of the Emergency Program for Syria announced by the President of the French Republic in April)

France’s military efforts to defeat Daesh:

  • 1000 French soldiers and officers currently being part of the French military operation Chammal in Iraq and Syria.
  • Total air support operations since 19/09/14: 8,528 sorties / 1,459 air strikes / 2,251 targets destroyed.

Social media handles:

  • Twitter accounts of the French MFA : @francediplo @francediplo_AR @francediplo_EN * Twitter account of the French Ministry of Defense : @EtatMajorFR
  •  Twitter account of French platform to prevent radicalisation @stopdjihadisme
  • Twitter account of French inter ministerial committee to prevent radicalisation : @SG_CIPDR

Official websites:

  • Official website of the French MFA in French English and Arabic
  • Official website of the Ministry of Defence in FR and EN
  • Official website of StopDjihadisme
  • Official website of CIPDR