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Counter Daesh Insight Bulletin 19-26 June

This summary includes information about current trends in Daesh propaganda from the previous week. It is intended as a quick overview for those who do not have time to follow monitoring services on a daily basis and is not a comprehensive listing of every piece of Daesh propaganda released. Daesh often make fictitious claims which should not be taken as fact.



Daesh claimed attacks in India, Iraq and Syria. Al-Naba, released 22 June, included an article and infographic claiming to have killed US soldiers and destroyed vehicles in Syria, an article covering attacks in Afghanistan. Amaq released a video claiming to show captured members of the Iraqi Police and Popular Mobilization Forces.

Unofficial outlets circulated more threats against the World Cup. Other unofficial items included: a pro-Daesh cyber group warning followers not to trust new (other) cyber initiatives.; a Euro-centric pro-Daesh group promoting activities in Belgium, Britain and France in a video; supporters advising Daesh to develop their presence in Yemen; and a short video showing supporters visiting the grave of a militant and children celebrating in India.