School Headmaster Protects Future of Students

In mid-2014, Daesh captured Al-Sufrah village, situated 17 kilometres south of Hawija. Fallah Hassan was the headmaster of Al-Rasheed High School in Al-Sufrah village. Read his story of how he resisted Daesh’s rules, before teaching displaced children in Kirkuk, and finally returning to re-open the school in Al-Sufrah after the area was liberated from Daesh.

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A ‘We Are Iraq’ training session.

Project seeks to repair Iraqi society after Daesh

The campaign ‘We Are Iraq’ was launched after the liberation of Anbar province from Daesh. It aims to promote the principle of peaceful coexistence in communities through influencers such as activists, security representatives, government, and tribal sheikhs.

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Baghdad Skyline

Tarkeeb House in Baghdad spreads peace and love through art and music

Listening to the Executive and Creative Director, Hella Mios, talk about Tarkeeb House, founded in 2015 by Iraqi artists, her passion is apparent.

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Mosul’s Ibn Al-Atheer Hospital reopens its doors

The Ibn Al-Atheer Paediatric Hospital in Mosul is back in service after large sections of it were closed to the public. Under Daesh, the hospital was used to treat their casualties. Doctors and nurses were not paid salaries and only received pay when the city was liberated and they returned to their normal work.

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Rehabilitating the Diyala Al-Alam Health Centre

When Daesh took control of the Al-Uzaym area in Diyala province in 2014, it damaged and destroyed all health and educational institutions, including the Al-Alam Health Centre.

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A CJTF-OIR trainers takes an image of Iraqi Police Force training to build greater security in liberated areas

Finland deploys police trainers to support security in Iraq

Finland has since February 2018 deployed five Finnish police experts to crisis management assignments in Iraq in order to support training of police officers, organised by the Global Coalition to Counter Daesh.

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German funding helps displaced people through Iraq police project

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) promotes Community Policing — one of many German funded stabilisation projects — which is helping to improve Iraqis’ trust for their State after liberation from Daesh.

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Global Coalition to meet in Kuwait

On February 13th the Foreign Ministers and principals of the Global Coalition’s 75 partners will meet in Kuwait, to affirm the Coalition’s determination to defeat Daesh through a focused, sustained multifaceted effort. 

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Spain – Humanitarian aid and stabilisation efforts

In response to international calls and in line with its international responsibility to the victims of conflict, Spain has contributed nearly 48 million euros in humanitarian aid to Syria, Iraq,…

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Coalition engineers erect steel bridge in Raqqah

SOUTHWEST ASIA – A Coalition team working with Syrian partners erected a steel bridge in only 16 hours on Dec. 27, 2017, near the village of Hawi al-Hawa west of…

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Coalition partners congratulate Iraq on the liberation of all Daesh held areas

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi announced the liberation of all Daesh held territory in Iraq on December 9th, a major milestone on the road to a lasting defeat for the group.

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Global Coalition Progress in Iraq and Syria

Daesh is increasingly losing control of their so-called ‘caliphate’. Thanks to the courage and resolve of Iraq’s security forces, our partners in Syria and the unwavering support of the 74-member Global Coalition, Daesh has lost more than 95% of the territory they once held.

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