Life under Daesh

The truth about life under Daesh in Raqqa

Despite what Daesh claimed, life for normal Raqqawis under their rule was awful. Read on below to find out the 5 things you need to know about the truth of life under Daesh in Raqqa.

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“Extremists could never rule us. They are too serious” – a Raqqawi explains why they would never accept Daesh

One week before a key stage of the battle to liberate Raqqa, Abu Omar called his wife and son to join him for a chat. As his son Omar remembers, their conversation on the chilly morning of 1 June was the first time he was involved in such a serious family discussion.

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Daesh in organisational disarray – Life under Daesh

Al-Baghdadi’s reported death leads to disarray in Daesh’s ranks On 11 July, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that it had received news from a source inside the... Read More

Life under Daesh – Daesh continues to alienate the local population

Daesh adopts defensive posture in Albu Kamal. This week, Daesh fighters in Albu Kamal adopted a defensive stance against air strikes whilst also facing ongoing civilian resistance. Open sources reported... Read More

Life under Daesh – Defections and desperate measures

Fighters abandoning Daesh in Dayr al-Zawr Province.

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A QSD female fighter holds an IDP's baby in Tabqa

Life Under Daesh – Daesh tries to mitigate exodus from its territory

Civilians continue to flee Raqqa for Dayr al-Zawr Province.

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Fleeing civilians and struggling businesses targeted – Life Under Daesh

Daesh are desperate – targeting fleeing civilians as well as already struggling businesses in Syria. Read more below.

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Forced labour and mass arrests – Life under Daesh

Daesh employ forced labor in Dayr al-Zawr Province. On 7 April, Daesh in Mayadin (45 km southwest of Dayr al-Zawr City) arrested several young men for minor clothing infractions, later…

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Terrified Residents and Internal Chaos – Life under Daesh

Daesh terrifies residents in Raqqa Province with spectre of Tabqa Dam collapse. On 28 March, Daesh patrols with megaphones visited towns and communities west of Raqqa City in order to…

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Growing housing crisis in Raqqa – Life Under Daesh

Daesh adds to defences of Raqqa City. On 22 March, Daesh placed sniper positions throughout Raqqa City, particularly near major roadways. These snipers now provide constant surveillance on roads leading…

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Financial issues and unsustainable taxes – Life Under Daesh

Daesh intensifies efforts to recruit children and adolescents in Dayr al-Zawr Province. On 17 March, Daesh preachers continued and even intensified their efforts to recruit adolescents to join Daesh’s ranks…

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Desertions and conscriptions in Syria – Life under Daesh

Daesh caught between fleeing families and housing crisis in Raqqa Province. Daesh paradoxically erected checkpoints and barriers to both keep residents in Raqqa City from leaving Daesh territory and to…

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